Petar Yotsev

from particle physics to configuration management


Git: Main | Mirror

Termaze - Maze generation and pathfinding visualizer

Markly - Markov chain for text generation

Inverter - Code for an inverter controler

mmv - Mailserver bootstrap script


A hole in Miles Mathis' derivation of the derivative

The death of critical evaluation

Notes - Omitted details, partial works and observations.

System Administration

Encrypted backups using tar and age

Minimal git server and web interface setup

Minimal Raspberry Pi headless setup

Minimal webserver setup with thttpd and stunnel on OpenBSD

Making an OpenBSD virtual machine with qemu

Download entire websites with wget

The nomad's map of networking on Linux - How to use wifi anonymously. (unfinished)


Library - Interesting books.

Links - Some interesting websites, projects and people I have found.




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curl -sL | gpg --import

I'm not on social media, any account there with my name is illegitimate.


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